Share Hits 10% on Upper Circuit Following ₹52.20 Cr Order for Air Springs Supply

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Frontier Springs Limited
Frontier Springs Limited

Frontier Springs Limited,the company's stock experienced a 10% surge, hitting the upper circuit, following a significant development. Frontier Springs Limited secured a substantial order valued at ₹52.20 Cr for the supply of 894 sets of 'Air Springs.' This news catapulted the stock's value, marking a gain of nearly 20% in the past month.

Company Overview

Frontier Springs Limited, with a market capitalization of Rs 465.97 crores, has been a leader in manufacturing and supplying coil springs to Indian Railways for over four decades. The company opened its Monday trading session at Rs 1183.10, maintaining the 10% upper circuit.

Strategic Growth and Positive Indicators

The company has displayed positive movements in fundamental business indicators, including operating revenues and after-tax profits. In the recent financial quarters, operating revenues grew from Rs 25.49 crores to Rs 32.75 crores, while after-tax profits rose from Rs 1.86 crores to Rs 2.85 crores.

Stock Performance

For investors, the company has proven to be a lucrative choice. Over the last six months, Frontier Springs Limited's stock has delivered multibagger returns of around 178%. To put it into perspective, an investment of Rs 1 lakh into the company's stock six months ago would have grown to Rs 2.78 lakhs.

Company Focus and Products

Engaged in manufacturing hot wound springs and forging items for transportation, industrial, and government applications, Frontier Springs Limited's product portfolio includes L.B.springs, hot coiled compression springs, and forging items for locomotives, wagons, and carriages.

In conclusion, Frontier Springs Limited is carving a path of success in the competitive auto components industry. With a strategic focus on growth, positive financial indicators, and a robust product portfolio, the company seems poised for a promising future. Investors and enthusiasts alike should keep a keen eye on this rising star in the market.

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