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Disclaimers for https://www.eivod.com

Here, we agree to indemnify, defend and possess all non-harmful subsidiaries and affiliates, and each of their employees, and directors from any related claims, expenses, and liabilities, comprising but not restricted to any fees that arise due to policies breach either by you or by the user and warranties as included under such terms and conditions.

To begin with, we have a very significant message for all of our readers and users of the website, and it is better to come across all terms and conditions or Agreements carefully before getting into the platform. All these terms have an impact on the legal rights with obligations but not limited to that of the right waivers, indemnity, and all limitations of liability to us.

The “Agreement” involves all the critical terms and conditions that control the use of all current as well as future on the web, and other mobile websites, services, networks, and apps run through Eivod.com. You require to accept the terms & conditions as available on the site with no coming limitations when you access the site’s content on the Platform or any videos on the site.

Further Clarification

We want to mention that this platform’s full information is a good read for informational motive only. We never warranty the content at all and regarding the reliability & the level of accuracy. If you have taken any steps or actions after reading the content as published on the website, only you are responsible for the result, and we have no role in it. You ought to take all responsibilities for all your actions. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever caused in reliance upon the information.

Limitation of Liability

We, at Eivod, post all the content with full care and closest attention. The site owner does not, however, assume any responsibility for the completeness, correctness, and accuracy of the contents. If the reader uses the website’s content in any manner, then it is their own risk. As contributions by various authors on the website, they express their personal opinions and don’t necessarily display the point of views of the site owner. The use of this site, in any manner, does not set up a contractual relationship between the website owner and the user.

You need to stay cautious as we accept no responsibility for any side-effects or other contamination that has destructive properties.

Copyright and associated intellectual Laws

The use of the Eivod site is only for personal and non-commercial purposes only. You need to acknowledge that, as between the site and you, apart from the sole owner of the content and ads, Eivod is the only owner of the entire content without any limitations.

The platform comprises graphics, text, animations, logos, pictures, and videos copyrighted property of Eivod and their related companies. Subsequently, all the property and the content fall under the Copyright Protection and other laws of property. The commercial usage of any such content from the site is strictly forbidden and ends up in criminal or civil proceedings.

You may not modify, partake, publish or transmit any derivative or any of the content as a whole or in any part. But you can download the copyrighted material for your usage as a person. Except mentioned under the copyright law, any retransmission, copying, distribution, or any such activities of downloaded content will not be allowed at any cost without prior permission of the Eivod & copyright owner.

If, in case of permitted copying, the publication or redistribution of copyrighted content, no changes or deletion of author attribution, copyright notice, or trademark legend shall get implemented. It would be best to acknowledge that you do not need any ownership rights by downloading such material.


When the reader wants to use the website and get accessibility to the contents on the platform, you will require to stay in favor of the “Terms of use” and then get into the platform further. Your consent to the acceptance of all terms and conditions as written on the website is compulsory for accessibility, and you are not allowed to breach it at any cost or in any circumstances.

You need to acknowledge and agree to all content posted on Eivod and if you are using the content in any manner, then do it at your discretion. The user can send the content for publishing, but posting it is all decided at the end.


At Eivod, we have all rights to make any changes in the website and its privacy policies or other associated sections without notifying any reader. With no prior notice, we can make changes as and when is required, in our opinion. The decisions made on any updates or changes is all dependent on the site’s owner and not on any other person.

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