When will bonus shares get credited in Demat Account?

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Investors often eagerly await the arrival of bonus shares in their Demat accounts, as they represent a valuable addition to their investment portfolio. However, the question of when these bonus shares will actually be credited is a common one.

The key to determining the timing lies in the concept of the record date. This is the crucial date that investors need to pay attention to, as it signifies the last day one must hold the shares to be eligible for the bonus. On this date, eligible shareholders are identified, paving the way for the bonus share allocation process.

Once a shareholder is confirmed as qualified for the bonus share issue, a new ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) is assigned to the bonus shares. This unique identifier distinguishes these additional shares from the existing ones. Importantly, this process of assigning a new ISIN is a vital step in the bonus share crediting mechanism.

The actual crediting of bonus shares typically takes no more than 15 days after the record date. During this period, the assigned bonus shares are seamlessly added to the shareholders' Demat accounts. This relatively quick turnaround ensures that investors can promptly access and manage their augmented holdings.

In summary, the timeline for bonus share crediting hinges on the record date and the subsequent allocation process, including the assignment of a new ISIN. Investors can expect their bonus shares to be credited to their Demat accounts within 15 days of these key events. Understanding this process allows shareholders to plan and navigate their investment strategies effectively.

allcargo logistics bonus share credit date

The bonus shares for Allcargo Logistics were already credited to eligible shareholders on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024. This was the record date, meaning it was the last day you needed to hold the shares to be eligible for the bonus. If you held Allcargo Logistics shares on January 2nd, you should have seen your holdings increase by 3 shares for every 1 share you previously owned.

Here's a quick timeline for reference:

November 10th, 2023: Board declares 3:1 bonus issue.

December 20th, 2023: Board fixes January 2nd, 2024 as record date.

January 2nd, 2024: Record date and bonus shares credited.

If you had Allcargo Logistics shares on January 2nd, you would have noticed that for every 1 share you had before, you got an extra 3 shares (with zero value). Just wait until January 21, and you'll see these bonus shares added to your demat account when they assign a new identification number.


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